Samsung was late joining the Windows Mixed Reality party, but when it finally stopped by, it showed up with the fanciest toys. Samsung’s Odyssey HMD is, in some ways, the Cadillac of Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It boasts a higher resolution than other Windows MR HMDs, and it includes built-in headphones that are tuned for 3D audio. It also features moisture-proof leather cushions, and to top it off Samsung redesigned Microsoft’s controllers with more thought for ergonomics. If you’re looking for a high-end Windows Mixed Reality headset, the only metric where the Odyssey doesn’t compete well is the price.

Arrived Late With All The Fancy Toys

In late 2016, Microsoft announced that it would be bringing Windows 10 into the immersive computing age. The company revealed Windows Mixed Reality, a platform that encompasses the spectrum of immersive computing. Microsoft boasted that Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps from the Windows Store would be compatible with the 3D Windows Mixed Reality environment, and that you would be able to do your daily computing tasks while fully immersed in a 3D space.