God of War Review at DigitalChump


Thirteen years since the original, and five years since the most recent in the series, God of War finally returns to PlayStation next week. Santa Monica Studios has been hard at work during this time making not just a sequel, but taking the acclaimed franchise in a robust new direction that, in a word, stuns. God of War combines the best of what the series has been known for and seamlessly mixes in layers of quality gameplay inspired from the finest modern ideas in gaming. To call this God of War a system seller just like those on the PS2, PS3, and PSP somehow seems inadequate — it’s just that damn good. God of War (GoW) is a must-own of epic proportions. And, actually, it is a system seller too, because it’s exactly what I was waiting for to cause me to make the jump to PS4 Pro thanks to the sweet Limited Edition GoW PS4 Pro console that launches next week.