Galactic Civilization’s Video How-to Series


We have assembled a bunch of videos to help a new players getting into Galactic Civilization III. We start with the trailer as an overview and then a few tutorials from StarDock.

1Galactic Civilizations III Trailer

2Galactic Civilizations III – Beginner Tutorial

3Galactic Civilizations III – Intermediate Tutorial

4Galactic Civilizations III – 5 advanced tips for new players

5Galactic Civilization 3 Guide – #1 – Early Game: How to colony spam

6Galactic Civilization 3 Guide – #2 – Planetary Management and Specialization

7Galactic Civilization 3 Guide – #3 – Patch 1.4. Planetary Wheel Removal, Coercion and Criticism

8Galactic Civilizations 3 Let’s Play – Terran Alliance/Huge/Suicidal – #1 “Pirates Arrrgh”

9Galactic Civilizations 3 – Huge Fleet Battle Royale!

This is a small sampling of the video tutorials available for Galactic Civilization III on YouTube.


Hope you liked some of them!