Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Wants To Make Lara Face Consequences by GameSpot


While the recent games in the series focused on the exploits of a less experienced Lara Croft surviving the elements and battling legions of armed goons, Shadow of the Tomb Raider builds up moments of unease and self-reflection while bringing her arc to its natural conclusion. Set sometime after the events of Rise, Lara and her closest ally Jonah find themselves on the hunt for an ancient Mayan artifact in South America. With prophecies of cataclysmic events centering around a mysterious box that private military corporation Trinity is desperate to get its hands on, Croft will come to realize that her recent adventures have some serious consequences, making her question whether she’s the savior she believes herself to be.

By showing the real consequences of Lara’s actions, developers Eidos Montreal and Crystal Dynamics believe Shadow of the Tomb Raider will be a watershed moment in the life of the young adventurer, maturing her into the expert adventurer we know and love.