Blizzard teases big things coming to the Heroes of the Storm universe


A new comic, Rise of the Raven Lord, heralds an increased focus on the narrative of the Nexus.

Blizzard has big plans to expand the Heroes of the Storm universe this year, beginning with the Dark Nexus content drop that’s set to go live tomorrow. Ahead of that, game director Alan Dabiri and creative content lead Kevin Johnson got together to talk about what lies ahead for the Nexus, which will include an increased focus on the game’s own unique setting. 

Heroes of the Storm is known for bringing together characters from other Blizzard universes—it’s a place where Deckard Cain can lay some whoopass on Junkrat and nobody thinks it’s weird—but the Nexus itself hasn’t really been explored in its own right. That’s a shortcoming that Blizzard would like to address going forward.