Imagine going to a fancy burger joint and being asked to bring your own bun? That’s what the VR market has been like up until now. No matter how much or little you spent, you either needed a high-end PC or a premium smartphone to use your headset. Enter Oculus Go, a $199 standalone VR system with its own Snapdragon 821 processor and everything else you need built-in.

Design: Rift-Like

The Oculus Go has a functional design language that doesn’t stand out for being either beautiful or ugly. The device is a light shade of gray with very little contrast. The body of the visor has a smooth plastic finish, while the faceplate is made of a dull aluminum which acts as a heatsink for the SoC and surrounding components. The fabric surfaces are a slightly different shade of gray. The only real contrast is the black face cushion that surrounds the lenses.