Battlefield V Open Beta Benchmarked


This week we were finally able to jump into Battlefield V for the first time, and of course, we spent more time benchmarking than we did enjoying the gameplay, so we have a few results for you… which we’ll call a preview since we are testing the ‘open beta’ version of the game. The full thing is slated for release across major platforms in two months’ time.

The purpose of the open beta is to test technical aspects like server stability, latency levels, and matchmaking, as well as gameplay elements such as weapon balancing.

For those that pre-ordered the game — and we never recommend you to pre-order until reviews are out — but the point of our pre-order is to tell you how well the game does or doesn’t run in its current condition. Anyway those pre-ordered the game now have early access, while those that haven’t will get access two days later.