Watch this Super Mario speedrunner achieve a time that is supposed to be impossible


Runner pulls of a ‘frame-rule’ trick nobody thought was possible

Records are meant to be broken and barriers torn down, but nobody expect this Super Mario Bros speedrunner to set an “impossible” time — not even him. The record will stand as the first time a human, unassisted by a computer completed the game in less than 4:56.

Speed-run records come and go, especially when they start adding decimal places to the time. However, there comes the point where a game just cannot be completed any faster. Super Mario Bros is one of those — or so everybody thought.

Super Mario speed runs are very tightly optimized and are measured to the millisecond. Runners have been shaving these slivers of time off back and forth for a while. Many runners using computer assistance had determined that the absolute limit unassisted was greater than four minutes and 56 seconds.